Tacky Tape rulle 15 mm bred/ Ø 80 mm. 
Sealant Tape rulle

Rengøres i acetone eller polyclean

Kvalitetsværktøj fra Swedtool:

"Tacky Tape Roller

The tacky tape roller is used to make sure a bond is made between the tacky tape, the mould and the vacuum bag in order to create an airtight seal to accommodate vacuum.

- Increased reliability of the seal between mold and vacuum bag
- Evenly distributed pressure
- Easy to use
- No sharp edges to prevent tearing of the vacuum bag
- The roller head is flush mounted on to the frame
- Plain bearings are used to give a smooth feeling when pressure is applied
- Three different widths
- Produced in plastics"


Tacky Tape rulle 15/80 mm.

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288,50 DKK  m/Moms
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